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Purocel Eco

Eco Enhanced Viscose – For Better Tomorrow!

Introducing Purocel Eco by Birla PurocelTM, an eco-enhanced viscose for a better tomorrow. We've taken our spirit of caring to the next level.

Purocel Eco comes from FSC® certified sustainable forests, thus conserving biodiversity, saving endangered forests and increasing overall green cover. Purocel Eco promises lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower Sulphur emission which meets EU Ecolabel norms and higher usage of renewable energy sources making it even more sustainable. Purocel Eco has been manufactured in a facility having best in class Higg FEM 3.0 index.

Purocel Eco can be identified in the end products like wipes through a unique molecular tracer which helps the end buyer trace the origin and full journey of the product he/she is buying.

High on Sustainability

Distinct Advantages

  • FSC® Certified Sustainable Forestry
  • Low GHG Emissions
  • Low Sulphur Emissions
  • Higher Usage of Clean Energy
  • Build-in Traceability System (Molecular Tracer)
  • Best in Class Higg FEM 3.0 Index


  • Personal Care Wipes
  • Surface Cleaning Wipes
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