Revolutionizing manufacturing processes for making more sustainable & quality products

Because we care

Process Innovations

Our process innovation centers are working on innovating processes at each step right from plantations to pulp production to final fibre production.

This is helping to improve the processes and make them more sustainable and at the same time creating newest quality benchmarks to benefit customers and end consumers.

Process Innovation

Forest Research Institute
Sapling to Plantation


Grasim Forest Research Institute | Harihar, India

The institutefocuses on pulpwood tree improvement educating farmers in tree cultivation, and genetic engineering for improved yields from plantatioons.

Pulp Research Institute
to Pulp

Pulp & Fibre

Pulp Research Institute & Birla Research Institute Domsjo, Sweden & Nagda, India

Birla Research Institute
to Fibre


Mumbai, India

This is a premier research institute focused on developing product innovations and process improvments relating to rayon-grade wood pulp and viscose technology.

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