Hot Button Report

Still at the top, as green as we've always been

By making the biggest strides in responsible sourcing and environmental conservation, we've earned the top spot amongst the global viscose producers, yet again!

shirt ranking

  • ABG

    30-35 buttons

  • 25-29 buttons

  • 20-24 buttons

  • 15-19 buttons

  • 10-14 buttons

  • 5-9 buttons

  • 0-4 buttons

  • newly engaged
    and acting

  • newly engaged
    / known risk

  • newly

  • not yet

Birla Cellulose Ranking:
No. of Buttons

Birla Cellulose is the first global viscose producer to be ranked #1 three years in a row!

About Canopy's

Hot Button Report:

Every year, as a part of CanopyStyle initiative Canopy releases Hot Button Report which is highly anticipated by 455+ global brands, retailers & fashion designers. It ranks world's largest viscose producers based on their progress & commitment on eliminating endangered forests from their supply chain.



Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization working towards forest conservation & sustainability. One of Canopy's flagship campaign is CanopyStyle initiative as a part of which Canopy partners with various viscose producers, fashion brands & designers to ensure that sustainable forestry is practiced for while making viscose based clothing.

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